Wisinomad - Digital Strategy & Design

A Co-working & Co-living Program in Africa

Designed for remote workers, digital nomads, and social entrepreneurs.

But why Africa? Because of the free pass to local networks and markets, the freedom and potential for growth, impact, and mesmerizing landscapes which allow them to create premium Safaris experiences. Nairobi, more specifically, is the place Wisinomad chose to help high achievers to take their life to the next level.



Communication Concept - "Disconnect to Connect" 

Sometimes you have to disconnect to connect. Africa is the perfect place for remote workers and digital nomads, who are always online, to disconnect from everything they are used to and experience a whole new world to boost their creativity, their work skills, and ultimately their self-development. With a strong communication concept, we started to think of a pre-launch digital strategy. We identified possible touchpoints along the customer's digital journey, and we made sure we properly used every single marketing material.

Marketing & Design

Wisinomad Podcast

Wisinomad Dialogue Series launched a 13 episode podcast by entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world. We designed the entire identity and podcast elements. Along with the podcast, we transformed every episode into a written article to Wisinomad Blog, and also into social media posts as well as Instagram Stories.


Podcast Thumbnails | Spotify Podcast Preview | Twitter Post | Instagram Story

Social Media Presence

We started to build a strong community of remote workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. At the same time, we were demystifying some of the biggest misconceptions about the African country, spreading the word across multiple Facebook Groups about Digital Nomadism and Full-time Travelers. 


Wisinomad Blog

Our team was responsible for all of the original articles about Entrepreneurship, Tech, Africa, Economy, and Digital Nomadism. 

Facebook Groups & Communities

As a Co-working & Co-living program about to start, we wanted to get into the biggest and relevant Facebook Groups & Communities to get qualified leads, social proof, and to engage with them in order to receive some feedback, plus to generate word-of-mouth. 

Influencer Marketing

Through social media, we reached out key influencers by real-time interaction with their content and presenting the program through direct message.

Social Media Logo Version


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Logo behavior 



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